Lista e rrënjëve te disa fjalëve Latine dhe Greke në gjuhën angleze

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Rrenja  Meaning in English           Origjina               Shembuj

Kuptimi ne Shqip        Etimologjia (origjina e rrenjes) 


ab-, a-,

abs- Away- (larg) Latin ab “away” abnormal, abrasion, absent, abstain, abstract, aversion

ac- Sharp- (I mprehte) Latin acere acupuncture

acid– Sour (I lagesht) or acid Latin acidus acidosis

acu– Sharp (I mprehte) Latin acutus, past participle of acuere “to sharpen”, from acus “needle” (gjilpere) acupuncture, acute, acutifoliate

acr(i)– sharp, pungent (I athet), bitter (I hidhur) Latin acer, acris acrid, acrimony

acr(o)- Heigh (lartesi), summit (maje), tip (cep, maje) Greek ἄκρος (ákros) “high”, “extreme” acrobatics, acromegaly, acronym, acrophobia,

ad-, a-,

ac-, af-,

ag-, al-,

ap-, ar-,

as-, at- movement to (levizje per) or toward (drejt, ndaj); in addition to Latin ad “to”(te,drejt,deri), “toward” accept, adapt, affect, approximate, ascend

adip- Fat (yndyre, dhjame) Latin adeps, adipis “fat” adipose


aero- air, (ajer) atmosphere Greek ἀήρ (aer) “air” aeronautics, aerosol

aesthet– Feeling (ndjesi), sensation (ndjenje) Greek aisthētikos “of sense perception” from αἰσθάνεσθαι (aisthanesthai) “to perceive” (te perceptosh) aesthetics, anaesthetic

agri-, –

egri- Field (fushe, sfere) Latin ager, agris “field, country” agriculture, peregrine

agro- field Greek ἀγρός (agros) “field” agronomy



amor- love, (dashuri) loved Latin amor “love” from amāre “to love” amateur, amorous

ambi– Both (te dy), on both Latin ambi “on both sides” ambidexterity,

amic-, –

imic– Friend (shok) Latin amicus amicable, inimical

amphi– Around( perreth, rreth), about, both, on both sides of, Greek ἀμφί amphi “on both sides” amphibian, amphibolic

ampl– Ample ( I gjere, I bollshem) Latin amplus amplification

an-, a- Not (jo,mos), without (pa,jashte) Greek Greek ἀν-/ἀ- “not” anhydrous, atypical

ana-, an- Again(perseri), against (kunder), back (prapa), up (lart) Greek from Greek prefix ἀνά- ana- “again”, “against” anabaptist, anaphylaxis, anion, anode

andro– Male (mashkull), masculine (mashkullor) Greek ἀνδρός andros androgen, android

anemo- Wind (ere) Greek ἄνεμος anemos anemometer

anima– Breath (frymemarrje, fryme) Latin anima “breath” animal, animation

ann-, –

enn- Year (vit), yearly (vjetor) Latin annus “year” anniversary, annual, biannual, millennium


antho- Flower (lule) Greek ἄνθος anthos “flower” anther, anthology

anthropo– Human (njeri, njerezor) Greek ἄνθρωπος anthropos “man” anthropology, anthropomorphic

apo- away from (larg nga), separate (I ndare), at the farthest point (ne piken me te larget) Greek ἀπό apo “from, away, un-, quite” apocrine, apogee, apostasy

aqu- Water (uje) Latin aqua aquamarine, aquarium, aqueduct, aquifer

ar- Plow (chan, plug), Latin ărāre arable

ar- Dry ( I thare) Latin ārēre “be dry or parched” arid


archi– Ruler (sundimtar) Greek ἀρχή arche “rule” (in compounds: ἀρχε-, ἀρχι-) archangel, archetype


archeo– Ancient (I lashte) Greek archaeology or archeology, archaic


argent– Silver (argjend) Latin argentum argent, Argentina

arist(o)– Excellence (persosmeri) Greek ἀρετή, ἄριστος arete, aristocracy

Rrenja Meaning in English Kuptimi ne Shqip Origjina Etimologjia (origjina e rrenjes) Shembuj aristos

arthr(o)– Joint (I perbashket) Greek ἄρθρον arthron arthritis, arthropod


astro- Star (yll) Greek ἄστρον astron “star” asterisk, astrology, astronomy, disaster

athl- Prize (chmim) Greek ἄθλος athlos “contest, feat” athlete, pentathlon

aud(i)- Hearing (degjim), listening, sound Latin audire “to hear” auditorium, auditory


auct- Grow (rritje), increase Latin augēre, auctus “to increase” augmentation

auri– relating to the ear (qe ka te beje me veshin) Latin auris “ear” auricle[disambiguation needed]

aut- ,

auto- Self (vet) ; directed from within (drejtuar nga brenda) Greek αὐτός (autos) “self”, “same” automobile, autonomy

avi- Bird (shpese) Latin avis aviary, aviation

axi- Axis (aks) Latin axis axisymmetry

axio- Merit (vlere) Greek ἄξιος (axios) “worth” axiology




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